Gastronomy in Bragança and the northeast region of Portugal


The Transmontana region in northeastern Portugal, offers a delicious cuisine with a good balance with the products that nature offers as well as the influences it receives from its privileged border situation.

On horseback between Galicia, Castilla León and Porto, this Portuguese region collects the best of each table and applies the best secret of the kitchen: Slow fire and wood oven.

Carnival starters at the Porta restaurant

We are in Portugal and obviously the cod with its varied costumes cannot be missing. However, in Bragança and surroundings at the table game meat predominates like wild boar, the birds, the mountain rabbit, the hare, the montesinho goat or the dove.

The grelos give us a Galician wink to the dishes and the pork and the veal are shown with varied proposals as well as the river trout.

During our stay for the Terra Fria Transmontana touring Bragança and the Matosinho Natural Park we visit several restaurants.

We cannot say that they are the best because we do not try others but we can confirm that the quality is assured and we gladly enjoy its cuisine and, if you try them, sure they won't let you down.

For lovers of traditional traditional cuisine

The Solar Bragançano restaurant It is one of those classics that we can not miss visiting Bragança. It is located in the lower part of the city in front of La Sé square.

Alheria at the Solar Bragançano restaurantAna Maria serving at Solar BragançanoFireplaces and books decorating the Solar Bragançano restaurant

Upon entering you will be admired by all kinds of details They decorate the restaurant as an extensive library, a traditional English pub style bar, an outdoor garden and several rooms with their corresponding fireplace so that customers feel the heat of being in their own home.

Accommodation Tip

During our trip to the northeast of Portugal we settled in the Pousada São Bartolomeu in Bragança and it really was a great success. If you want to avoid searches and book accommodation on the same site that we can do in the following link without any price increase:


Antonio Desidério and his wife Ana Maria Baptista have been serving at the Solar Bragançano Restaurant for 33 years.

It is obvious that here you will find the traditional cuisine region of. No frills, abundant and with quality products.

Among some of their dishes, we tried the alheria (sausage made up of a variety of minced meat of bacon, poultry, bread, oil, garlic and paprika), a wonderful Mirandesa veal, a wild boar with turnip greens and pumpkin, rice with pigeon and butelo with casulas (botillo with legumes).

For lovers of forcefulness and variety

The Taberna do Javalí It is in an enviable position in the upper part of Bragança just in front of the church of Santa María. In this restaurant you can taste traditional food as well as its craft beer.

Wild boar burger in the Taberna do JabalíRisoto at the Taberna do JabalíScrambled in the Taberna do Jabalí

From tapas of local products to blunt dishes, in this restaurant you will find a good variety to choose from. Among the dishes we tried, I highlight the wild boar burger, a delicious risotto as well as a scrambled egg with wild boar.

On Saturday night they offer a menu with live music at 12.50 euros.

For lovers of traditional stew

The Poças Restaurant, on Combatentes da Grande Guerra 200, also offers a good option to discover traditional transmontana cuisine. Lifelong dishes with care, good presentation and high quality products.

Cooked in the Poças Restaurants

Among the varied dishes we tried I have a spectacular stew with all the best pork in the same dish.

For lovers of modern cuisine

The Porta Restaurant It is another proposal for the most experienced in the world of gastronomy.

Chef André Silva once won his first Michellin star, he did the opposite of the vast majority, instead of opening a restaurant in a luxury hotel in Lisbon or Porto he decided to settle on the outskirts of Bragança and open the Porta restaurant where he remains true to his principles as chef and not star .

Cod in the Porta RestaurantWild Boar Stew at Porta RestaurantSeabass in the Porta restaurant

Among its dishes we taste some very original entrees, shrimp tartare, truffles with chestnuts and spinach cream and a wild boar stew with chestnuts.

Anyway, despite the star Michellin, do not imagine prices too high. The daily menu comes out for 19 euros currently.