The roar of the mountain in the waterfall of Valdecesar (León)


Waterfall Arroyo de Valdecesar in León

There is only one thing I like to hear almost as much as "nobody knows this" and it is "we all know it here". They told me that when I was stunned to see the tremendous stream of water that fell hard a couple of meters away, in the Valdecesar waterfall in León.

Just over 40 km north of its capital, stereotypes are broken. Against all odds, Leon is green and mountainous.

To confirm it, you have to go through the LE-321 in the direction of the San Isidro Mountain Port, shared with Asturias. The stop we are looking for is on the left side of the road (although we can also park a little further on the right) between the small villages of Montuerto and Nocedo de Curuñeo.

It is there where, looking for a way out between the mountains that allows you to reach the Curueño River, the Arroyo de Valdecesar shortens distances by twisting its course and encounters a final obstacle, a slope to overcome.

For a mortal, it is a fall that would end his life. For Arroyo, it's a way of finally show your strength after having been curled between slopes of almost impossible inclination.

And the force with which the Arroyo de Valdecesar pulls chest, is already heard from the last metal walkway through which finally the waterfall is accessed.

As if it were the scene of a movie, where drama is sought to surprise the viewer, you have to turn a corner to find the set that has not created the hand of man but the tenacity of the liquid element.

An almost impossible vertical crack between the rocks It involves, practically attached to it, a tremendous stream of water, an unstoppable power that for years has been filing the stone walls.

With the help of spring rains, the flow has increased in such a way that the 20 meters of fall are saved with a rumble that our ears detect at least another 20 meters around.

You have to put on your hood to approach the edge of the railing. Small drops of water, which have separated from the main jet, jump around us splashing everything while looking for ways to become part of the stream again.

It is not necessary to look much down, it is very close to our feet where the waterfall breaks the verticality and a few meters away is already a quiet haven about to join the Curueño River.

Before that, when we slowly raise our heads, we can appreciate a white curtain that slips in narrow lines before our eyes. Always changing, always on the move, the Cascade of Valdecesar continues to make the Arroyo reach its destination.

The video of the post was recorded “freehand” (that is, without a tripod) and with a mobile phone (yes, resistant to splashing water). Check if yours is before venturing near the Valdecesar Waterfall, to avoid dislikes.

This is the route in Google Maps for from León to the Cascada de Valdecesar:

(By the way, if you go or return at lunchtime, you can stop to regain strength in the Mesón el Zagúa de Colín, in Valdepiélago)